Preserving The Diamond Paintings: A Step-By-Step Guide

Did you just Create sparkly art with diamond dotz and want to know how to preserve it? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article provides you with a step-by-step guide to sealing your diamond Dotz work. Also covered in the guide will be a few sealants that will preserve your diamond paintings and prevent them from fading. Review the diamond painting sealants & techniques listed below and preserve your hard-worked paintings.

Sealant Techniques For Diamond Paintings

Diamond Dotz tend to fall out of place over time, requiring them to be locked in their place from the get-go. Typically, this happens because sticky fabrics lose their adhesiveness over time. Dotz falling loose is an extreme foil to all your hard work and time spent on the project. Dotz that haven’t been sealed fade out over time as well.

The sealing technique is used in paintings regardless of mediums. Diamond paintings are often sealed with brush-on sealants or spray sealants. You can find a summary of both techniques here to help you make an informed decision.

Brush-on sealants

Brush-on sealants come in multiple finishes. With this multi-purpose sealing technique, the diamond painting is glued and sealed for a perfect finish. It is also waterproof. Your diamond art will benefit from brush-on sealants if there is no glass seal and is susceptible to moisture and other contaminants.

These sealants, however, have a major drawback. They work against the natural shine of the Diamond Dotz, diminishing the art’s sheen after the sealing. If you wipe away the excess sealants with damp cloths, you can seal the gems to their places and retain their sparkle as well.

Spray sealants

Spray sealants coat the art in crystalline layers. These sealants, however, don’t work as effectively as standard glues. This is so because they do not fill in gaps between the dots. Diamond spray sealants are excellent when it comes to preserving the sheen of the diamond art. They are also waterproof and prevent the paintings from yellowing.

Now that you are acquainted with suitable sealants, it is time to understand the sealing technique in detail. Before getting into the details, here are a few items you might need for the sealing process:

  • Roller pins or flat weights
  • Bristle paintbrush
  • Foam or piece of cloth
  • Tweezers to pick up contaminants
  • Sealer glues and finishes or sealant spray

Be sure to take all necessary precautions once you have your items ready. You should also keep pets and children away while you are applying your sealant. Now that you have everything ready, here is what you need to do.

  1. Set and flatten your diamond painting
  2. Use a heavyweight or rolling pin to set your art
  3. Lock diamond gems by applying gentle pressure
  4. Place a dishcloth or old tee-shirt over the painting to prevent damages to the diamonds
  5. Use a craft brush to dip in your sealant
  6. Apply broad strokes of sealant on your artwork
  7. Use your tweezers to pick out grit or stray hairs on the painting

Sealants are easy to apply and ensure that your art will remain beautifully preserved for a long time. Ensure that you use your sealants judiciously. Alternatively, you can frame or cover your paintings with a glass pane.

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